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Taking 'Ex' Out Of Exercise

I'm no fitness expert but I've done enough over the years to know what works and what doesn't.
Many years ago I got obsessed with exercising. I was in my early thirties then. If only I could get that obsession back now, age 50. I hate it, but I want to be as fit as I can be and look as good as I possibly can, so it has to be done.

At the beginning of 2014 I realised how out of shape I was and was very upset. I was getting married and going on honeymoon six months later, so that was enough motivation to get off my (big and saggy) butt. My husband and I had been looking into the beachbody workouts, Insanity mainly. We knew the clue was in the name, but we decided to give it a go. We were terrified! Rightly!

But it was nine weeks out of our life, and we were determined to give it a good go. So, when we were instructed by Shaun T to 'C'mon, y'all, letssss gooo,' we grimaced and got on with it. Two minutes in we were in a sweaty heap on the floor and that was only from the fitness test. The signs were not good. But we followed the programme, going at our own pace, until halfway through when my husband broke his ankle. This was NOT from doing Insanity. He was devastated, not just about his ankle, but because he couldn't finish the programme. No wonder, he lost three inches off his stomach in week one! My motivation to carry on was really put to the test then, but I persevered. Now, maybe I should explain something here. There was quite a lot of moves, especially some of the push-ups, I just could not do. So I didn't. Because rather than staring blankly at the screen, I thought it was better to keep moving and just do some of the other moves instead. Here's the results:

The first change was in my calves. They became shapely, not bulky. The muscles on the side of my legs also made an appearance early on. I call it 'the line' down the outside of my thighs. I love that! But it wasn't until I looked at before and after photos that I realised how much my body had changed. It was incredible. Most of my body fat had gone. I still needed to tone up certain areas though, that weren't quite there (not far off) so I had two choices:

Do Insanity another time through or do something else. I decided to do another beachbody workout, Brazil Butt Lift.

My main problem was in the butt and hamstring area which I wanted to tighten up. Make no mistake though, Insanity had improved it dramatically. Even cellulite was MASSIVELY reduced. Anyway, I got a shock when I started the Brazil Butt Lift workout. It was bloody hard! Even after doing Insanity. Don't be fooled by the name. The abs section is probably the toughest I've ever done! Leandro may speak gently, but he lulls you into a false sense of security! I did eight weeks of this and was delighted with the results. Not least because for the first time in my adult life I passed the pencil test! Hurray! so, I got married and went on honeymoon happy to wear a bikini. No more saddlebags and saggy butt. Why oh why didn't I carry on doing the routines at least two or three times a week?

A year on, we are three weeks into Insanity again. I know that seventeen weeks of sticking to these two programmes will get me where I want to be. And this time I AM going to continue. Next summer I'm determined to look how I want to look, even though I'll be 51 then. I believe that the problem with exercise as you get older isn't through age itself, it's lack of motivation as you age. Obviously we get more aches and pains naturally, but it is possible to achieve the same results as someone in their twenties. I know, because I did it!

If anyone is looking for an easier workout that still works well, here it is:

Yet again, don't be fooled by the name. It gives you a good workout all over. It's dated though. If you don't mind it being years old, it does work and quickly too. I still go back to it on and off. I wish Dan Karaty would do an updated version. I think I'll send him a tweet and ask lol.

I'm considering posting before and after shots when I'm done. But this thought is scary to be honest. However, if it will help people I'll do it!

Love Pippa x

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