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My Path To Self-Publishing

Monday 2nd February

My writing story began around ten years ago. I'd always loved reading and writing, but had never considered writing a novel. That changed in one moment of light-hearted conversation with my daughter. I never looked back.

I was 'helping' her with some uni work. When that was done I informed her that I was off to write something. She asked what, and I laughingly told her: 'a book.' She gave me an indulgent smile and wished me luck. If only I had a picture of her face when I showed her chapter one, a couple of hours later. I had no idea what I was going to write about, but kept on going. All I knew was that it would involve somebody called Olivia. I'd write in the middle of the night, before work and as soon as I got home. It became an obsession. Three months later, I typed 'the end.' The problem was,  I believed that. Apart from a few changes here and there, it was finished. And I sent it off to agents. Oh yes, I did! This is where I hang my head in shame. The rejections soon came back, but one puzzled me: 'You need to learn to show not tell.' What? At that point I took a step back, and came to the obvious conclusion that I knew nothing about writing. Zilch. Wanting to do it was one thing, but knowing how was a different matter entirely.

Things happened in my life to prevent me from continuing at that point. But I never forgot the characters and their story. Over the next few years I read books about writing and learned a great deal. Seven years after I wrote that first draft, I read through the manuscript. It was dire. But I believed the main characters should stay. I re-wrote many drafts and 'Think Pink' became 'The OMG Test.'
I found an editor and waited with bated breath for her to read it. Thankfully she thought that with a lot more work it could be really good. And so, the long rounds of editing began. I thought it would never end. I had one single doubt over the ten year period, when I put my head in my hands and wondered if I should give up on the book. I wasn't getting something my editor was telling me. She gave me a kick up the butt, and I was back on track.

A few months later I re-submitted to agents. The rejections once again came through. But the difference this time,was that I had some positive feedback. I considered what they'd said, did another edit...and decided to self-publish. I didn't want to go through the submission process again, and self-publishing didn't have the same stigma it had years ago.

I spoke to people who'd done it, all with varying degrees of success. I read about it, and decided that was the way forward. I found a cover designer and the exciting process was well under way.
I'm not technical, but luckily my writer friend and my husband sorted it.

I hit the 'publish' button a few days ago and poured a large glass of wine. I thought it would take a day or two to go live, but I was wrong. A few hours later, my cousin posted a picture of her amazon order confirmation of 'The OMG Test,' on Facebook. By the time I saw this, other people had ordered it. I cried. After ten years I'd finally done it. What an amazing journey.
Of course it doesn't end here. Now the real hard work begins. Asking people to read it. I know it won't be to everyone's taste, but if some people like it I'll be ecstatic!

If you are on the same journey as me, I'd love to hear from you. What are your thoughts and experiences of self-publishing?

The link to the book is below. You can read a free sample if you would like to. Please do! :-)
Thank you for reading.

The OMG Test

Love Pippa x

A couple of months after publishing the book, I also published my second.

The Seventh Day of May

It's all been much harder than I thought it would be. But I wouldn't swap it for the world. Even if I get no further than the point I'm at now, I've already achieved my dream. I'm currently working on book three. Thank you for reading this post!
Love Pippa x

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