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Bailey The Rescue Dog's Diary

Hello everyone, my name is Bailey. Nobody knows why I ended up as a stray in Ireland. I wish I could talk, and so do Mum and Dad. They rescued me from Dog's Trust almost four years ago, only knowing that I'd been picked up as a stray in Ireland and brought over in the Dog's Trust van to be re-homed. I was at the centre two weeks before they visited the centre and saw me. This photo was taken on that day. I was sad and lonely. The staff were lovely though. They had to shave me because I was so matted. They wondered why I had a tooth missing and part of one ear too.

Anyway, apparently Mum and Dad fell in love with me straight away. But they couldn't take me home that day because the staff had to check the house to see if it was good enough for me. I cried when they left, thinking I wouldn't see them again. But I did, two days later. This time they led me to their car. I was nervous. I didn't like cars, but when we got to the house I was happy. There was a lovely bed waiting for me, and toys and treats too. Although everything was so nice, I was a bit scared. I wasn't sure what was going on, especially when Mum cuddled me. I thought everyone was going to hurt me, so I growled a lot at first. But eventually I realised this was my home forever. I even got presents at Christmas. I didn't like this present though. Do you think I hid my disgust?

We live round the corner from a park and I go there every day. My mum says I'm so slow and have to sniff every blade of grass. What's wrong with that? Doesn't she know that grass is social media for dogs? Lampposts and trees are too. I have to wait around for her when she's busy on that Facebook thing! Hey, guess what? My favourite word is car now! I love sitting on Mum's lap and sticking my head out of the window while Dad drives. It's cool. Dog's Trust said I'd never like cars, but they were wrong. We go to nice places in it. This picture was taken on the beach in Whitby where my mum is from. I love digging in sand.

I'm a lucky boy because my family love me. Guess what? Mum even put me on the front cover of her first book! Apparently Olivia's dog, Buddy, is based on me.

To buy this book click on the link below

What I like best though, is that every time she sells a book, she's giving some money to Dog's Trust to help them look after other dogs like me. I sometimes wonder if my friends there all got homes to go to. I hope so, but there will be new dogs arriving every day. Maybe you could rescue one? The trouble is, so many people want cute puppies. Do you like this photo of me? I think I look as cute as any puppy!

Right, I want to go for a walk now, so I'm going to give my mum sad eyes. She'll give in and take me. I'll be back to talk to you soon.
Hugs and woofs
Bailey xxxx

Tuesday 1st September

Hello friends. Last week my mum and dad went on holiday. Without me. What made it worse was that just before they left, they'd taken me to the park and I stood on a bee or wasp. I held up my paw and cried. I couldn't walk. They took me to that vet place. I hate it there! The day was getting worse by the minute let me tell you. I had two injections and soon felt better, but my mum was very upset. Not as upset as I was when they left me with my 'other family' to go away! I mean, I love them, but a guy needs his own bed when he's ill, doesn't he? They nearly didn't go. I should've played on my injury a bit longer. Anyway, I had a nice enough five nights with my friend. I like being at her house more than her being at mine. I don't have to worry so much about her trying to steal my treats. But I was excited when mum and dad arrived to pick me up. Things soon got back to normal, but we saw in the national newspaper that a friend from my kennel days was still there! We were shocked because I've been left four years now. The staff can't understand why nobody wants her. Poor Maxine, she's a lovely girl! Here's the link to her page, underneath her photos. She's at Coventry Dogs Trust, where I was rescued from. Isn't she sweet?

Mum and dad would have her, but they think I would hate having another dog in the house. They're right, but I do hope she gets a family to love her, finally. It makes me sad.
Anyway, it's time for my walk, so bye for now.

Hugs and woofs
Bailey xxxx

Wednesday 12th August

Hello again, friends. I've had a friend of mine staying for eleven nights. Fond as I am of her, It's hard for me because she's allergic to the treats I like. Mum can't leave them lying around for me when she's here. I was happy when her mum and dad came back for her. I stay with them when my mum and dad go away. That's okay, but it's always nice to get home. Don't go thinking she's my girlfriend. I have another female friend too, but I'm not into all that funny business. Anyway, even if I did have a girlfriend, I wouldn't live with her. I like my own space, so I guess I'm a confirmed bachelor. Women exhaust me!

Anyway, come and say hello. Speak soon!
Hugs and woofs
Bailey xxxx


  1. We rescued two of our three dogs. Our most recent rescue, Dolly, came from the local shelter after being picked up from a breeding/hoarding case. She had just had a litter of puppies (no puppies were on sight when she was picked up) and was malnourished with no social interaction. In the short 3 months that Dolly has lived with us, she has gained weight, loves throwing her stuffed toys around, bouncing in the grass, licking her humans, and flopping anywhere and on every one to get loves. Ironically Bailey, she looks a little like you :-) (If I knew how to post a picture here, I would LOL)

    1. Dear Uma, what a lovely person you are! Thank goodness you found Dolly to give her a loving home, and to help her with her babies. I didn't know how to interact either. I wish I could see her because she could be my online friend. Maybe, if there's no way of posting a picture on here, you could email my mum at If you send her a photo she could post it :-) If she's a female version of me she must be gorgeous ;-)
      Love Bailey xxx