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Hi, welcome to my Monthly Musings post. I'll be chatting about writing, publishing and life in general.

This year has been amazing and it's not halfway through yet. I'm glad about that, because that means a birthday I've not been looking forward to has arrived. They say age is just a number. That may be so, but when you're talking about the number of lines and wrinkles, it's not good! Oh, well, back to happier thoughts...

For the last ten tears my dream has been to publish a book. Finally, this year, I've done it. Twice. I'd been patient, waiting for the right time. Then I figured I could be waiting for eternity. What exactly was I waiting for? Someone to beat a path to my door, begging me do do it? No, of course not. The reason I waited and waited was because I was terrified. Could I really write anything worth reading? There was only one way to find out: do it! So I did. And it's been amazing. For years I used to dream about strangers reading my books and enjoying them, but it seemed far-fetched. Yet it's actually happened. The novelty of hearing someone tell me why they loved the books will never wear off. Obviously not everyone will like them and that's fine. I don't like every book I read either. But as long as some people enjoy them, then I'm happy. I write for two reasons:
1) I have to write, it's everything to me
2) I love entertaining readers

It's not easy calling myself an author. It somehow doesn't seem deserved. But it should do for this reason: I've struggled through the novel writing process and typed The End. I've taken criticism and knock-backs and kept going. I've done everything I needed to do, including seeing rejections as simply part of the journey I'm on. I've been lucky enough recently to have had positive feedback from the professionals, and took all their words of encouragement on board, learning from them in the process. I think that probably makes me an author, do you? I never in a million years thought this would happen:

Chick Lit Plus Review Of The OMG Test

Chick Lit Plus Review of The Seventh Day of May

Writing is a lonely job, just you and your characters. It's easy to get paranoid and have bad days. One of the best things to have happened to me this year, is meeting so many other writers in the same boat as me. We help and encourage each other and that's vital for your sanity. Although we're never likely to meet in person, we feel as though we know each other and there's always someone to help. One writer friend in particular is now one of the closest people to me. I can't imagine not having her in my life.

I'm writing book three at the moment. Obviously my dream is to be in a position to write full time and call it my job. Who knows if that will ever happen, but even if it doesn't, I'll still write in every spare moment.

If anyone out there is thinking of publishing a book, go for it! As I keep saying, it's better to try and fail, as opposed to fail to try. Just in case anyone is interested, the links to my books are below :-)

Love Pippa x

                                                                   The OMG Test

                                                              The Seventh Day of May

Thursday 30th July

Hi peeps, where has this year gone? I can't believe how quickly time is passing. They say that happens when you get older. Along with failing hearing and eyesight. And a compulsion to check every plant in the garden with your first cup of tea each morning (or maybe that's just me)
It's strange how a wilting flower can suddenly spoil your day. When did this take over from worrying about a bad hair day? I must face the fact that I actually became middle-aged long before I reached my 50th birthday recently.  

I can't honestly say that I like having to say my age anymore. Half a century! Really? But then, I'm lucky to have reached that age. I shouldn't be despondent, it's something to celebrate. And celebrate I did!

Without sounding too dramatic, I really think life is too short to be terrified of following your dreams. Instead, we should be terrified of NOT following them, shouldn't we? I got married and published two books in the space of nine months. Crazy, but exciting.

I'm not suggesting you get married (unless you want to) or publish books (unless you feel the need to have stress as your new best friend) but my advice (for what it's worth) is to do that one thing you've always wanted to do. Now. Why not? Unless it involves winning the lottery, of course. I'm still waiting for that to happen so that I can buy the Spanish beachfront villa with five bedrooms, roof terrace, hot tub and pool. But in the meantime I'll get on with finishing book three. In my chilly writing corner. I'm sure I'd write quicker by the pool at my villa. Or maybe not...but I'd love the chance to find out!
Love Pippa x

10th September 2015
Okay, where did August go? This year has gone so fast. It'll soon get round to the 'C' word, won't it? How crazy is that? So, what have I been doing with my time? Well...good question! The answer is a bit of writing, a lot of social media, a bit of marketing, a lot of social media. I've literally just written a post on this topic. I've decided that I am allowed to check social media with my first cup of tea each morning, but not again until evening. It's so easy to get drawn in to things, and lose track of the time, isn't it? But I've given myself a goal of finishing, editing and publishing book three by the end of the year, and I'm determined to stick to it. Here's the cover:

I finally have a website which went live yesterday. If you are interested in checking it out, here's the link:

My Website Link

I'll sign off for now, and I'll keep you posted as to whether my goal is in sight!
Love Pippa x

Tuesday 27th October
Hello, how are you?
As you may or may not know, I published my first two books this year. The third as mentioned above, has taken longer. I realised why: spending too much time on social media, especially Facebook. It's amazing how much time I wasted to be honest. I made the decision to come off social media completely until I typed 'The End.' I've done that, and am elated to have written 55,000 words in two/three weeks. Social media is important in this day and age, however, during my time off it I didn't miss much really. From now on when I'm writing a book, it's banned! What do you think? What does it mean to you? Could you live without it?
Love Pippa x

Thursday 3rd December
Where, oh, where has the time gone? They say time goes too fast as you get older. They aren't wrong. A month seems like a week just lately.
Finally I'm ready to publish my third book, Grace Me With Your Presents. It will be available on Amazon Thursday 10th December. I will be writing a blog post on that date, explaining what self-publishing entails. If any of you are thinking of going down this route, check out the post. I'll tell it like it is, good and bad with step by step instructions. I had to learn the hard way with certain things, so if I can help anyone and steer them in the right direction, I'll be happy. In the meantime, I'll be posting updates and special offers on my Facebook page, so come and join me there!

Here's the link:     Pippa's Facebook Page

Friday 11th December
Hi, and a happy Friday to you. Are you doing anything exciting this weekend? I think I will be sleeping through a lot of it. My third book of the year was released yesterday. There was a spell when I wondered if it would happen in time, but I got there in the end. Just. I'm trying to give my brain a rest before working on the next book. I think you need to do that sometimes.
If any of you are interested, I will be posting my experiences of self publishing over the next few days.
The link to my new book is below. It was nice to write about my hometown of Whitby. It has so much history and all the places mentioned are real, although the story is fiction.
Whatever you are doing, have a good weekend.
Love Pippa x

Grace Me With Your Presents

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